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Harcourts Top Tips

Harcourts Top Tips

10 tips on presenting your home for sale:

  • Ask a Favour
    First and foremost, ask a trusted friend to inspect your home as a buyer would and request they highlight any flaws in the presentation. Some can be overcome with minimal effort and cost, whilst it may not be feasible to attend others. This tip will help you identify possible areas of improvement in areas listed below.

  • De-clutter
    A house filled to the brim is a major turn off for any buyer, and it makes rooms look much smaller. Empty each room of non-essential items and have a few non intrusive accessories dotted around the house. Also remove personal items, such as photographs, prized collections and children’s paintings. These distract potential buyers as well as making it harder for them to imagine the property as their own. 

  • Clean 
    All your de-cluttering will be  wasted if the house is not clean. A clean house shows you take pride in your house and look after it, which will reassure the potential buyer that your home has been taken care of and is a sound investment. Thoroughly clean your home when it goes on the market and keep dusting, hoovering and washing daily to keep it in top condition. 

  • Update 
    Although this may mean spending money on a property that you will not be staying in, a dated home is much harder to sell. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms when it comes to updating. One out of four people say a well designed bathroom is on the top of their wish list, with kitchens not far behind. 
    If these rooms look tired then there are a number of quick fix’s you can do. In the kitchen, simply replace or paint  the cupboard doors, doorknobs, handles and taps. A bathroom can be easily revitalized with new taps, shower curtain and accessories. 

  • Lighting
    Prior to property inspections ensure that there is plenty of light, have curtains and blinds pulled open. Also using lamps instead of over head lights can create a softer and more relaxed ambiance.

  • Use Focal Points
    You may have strong, bold tastes but these don’t suit everyone and can scare buyers off. Research shows that most buyers prefer natural and earthy tones. To add life to a room without over-doing it, have a focal point; for example a wall of patterned wallpaper or bright cushions and accessories. 

  • Repair 
    Finish off all those on going DIY projects you been working on and if anything is broken fix it! It's embarrassing to have a potential buyer test something and find that it doesn't work!

  • Organise Your Rooms
    Give each room a purpose or function, this allows buyers to see the full potential of the property.

  • Appeal to the Senses
    Make sure buyers are not put off by your food tastes! Don’t cook any strong smelling meals before a viewing, for example fish. Baking bread, or freshly made coffee are said to create very welcoming aromas. If you have a pet, keep it outside or even ask someone else to look after it, and make sure there are no animal smells. Don’t mask smells with air fresheners, instead open windows and place fresh flowers around the property.

  • Don’t Forget the Outside
    The outside of your home is the first impression a buyer will have, so make sure it’s a positive one. Tidy up the garden, clear out the gutters, clean your windows and give the outside a lick of paint. If you lack green fingers, plant pots are an easy way to add colour to your garden.